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Twice as Forever

2013 collaborative submission to Yule Log 2.0 with Keetra Dean Dixon

It Takes Me a Long Time to Say Nothing

Lots & lots of dots in spots 2009–2015


Mountains computationally reconfigured to a flat horizon. 2008– more tk

Jumper Bumpers

Intro bumpers for Cranbrook 2D Design students 2006


By switching a typical mousepad with a sheet of paper, I am able to collect an echo of my computer use over the course of a few months. The resulting drawing embodies the filth one accumulates through prolonged use of technology.



Robots made by altering product packaging.

Originally stole the idea from eboy, but after 309 of these, I guess you could say it’s taken on a life of its own.

1999– Ongoing & Accepting

Follow on the grams

The Adaption to My Generation

(a daily photo project)

JK Keller takes a self-portrait every day for 23+ years

1998 Oct 01

‘til death do us part

Yes, I am still taking a photo every day.

Next video: 2022 ~Oct

I can’t go on.

I Wanna Be a Single Lady Too



Resolution Dependents

(SD to HD)


Gleaning the Fifth Screen

touching film interfaces 2012

The Internet is a Series of Tube Socks

2013 leftovers

Museum as Manufacturer

2013 collab with Keetra Dean Dixon

iPhone Oil Paintings


Bear with me

2012 collaborative work with Keetra Dean Dixon fabricated during a sequence of performative sessions with the GlassLab of Corning Museum of Glass.

I’ve Been LO0oOonging For You

8==============D 2012 NSFW (no really)

Realigning My Thoughts On Jasper Johns

Season 10, Episode 19, ’Mom and Pop Art’ of The Simpsons is processed through vectorization, various alignments, & audio manipulations. Back Online! 2011


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Untitled (Bursts)

Generative Prints 2011

Unfortunate Wikipedia Banner Pairings

Wikipedia asks for donations and gets unexpected humor. 2010

Attempting to Draw a Straight Line on a Scanner


Binary’s Forth Fugue

Iterating through movements and variations by branching of Fugue icons 2011 reworking the After Effects files... scripting

An exploration in the generative potential of found digital imagery. Using only the 122 icons labeled "arrow" from Yusuke Kamiyamane’s amazingly thorough Fugue Icons set, I was able to create a set of animations similar to L-system growth models. The directional path of the arrow attempts to find a forward progression in mounting uncertainty & indecisiveness, eventually bowing to the emergent cacophony of the powers of 2. The 2 movements and 9 variations take the viewer from a single looping path through a few of the 24 branching choices to the eventual climax of 67’108’864 possible end points (if my math is correct). In theory, from just 24 branching choices, it’s possible to create 7’060’738’412’025 different decision-branch animations (again, if I’m correct in my maths).

Embrace the Amazing Mistake

2010 Available collaborative commission for GOOD magazine with Keetra Dean Dixon

Hand Harp

2009? for Google symphony?


A fan letter to the letter Q 2009? for PostTypography event

Sound Poems to Siri

2012–2014 ha, this was going to be a bot too

Repetitive juvenile behavior via HTML & CSS. 2010 still 👌 Fucking Windows 👈

Counting the Movies I’ve Seen

2009 1–25

You trying to be Me trying to be You

Two people’s profile silhouettes are computationally exchanged. 2009


People’s profile silhouettes are computationally reversed. 2009

VHS Box Characters

2008? for Tokion (I wish I were better at illustration)

Songs About Rainbows

Application that colored your OS X folders. 2008

I’ve Been Thinking of You for a While

2008–2017 collab with Keetra Dean Dixon (generally)

25$ Minimum Order?

Purchasing the minimum of the minimum 3d prints 2007? to photograph

Getting Rid of Cranbrook

(Before & After)

2007 unofficially used in Mexican shaving banner ad, “Make a Difference” poster, and “Faces of Meth” video.

A Fictitious Argument Emerges Between Coriolis & Beaufort

Fans & Flags 2007

Domestic Spacial Turbulence


Tequiladega Nights Poster


Mail Pillow


A Case Study in favor of Global Warming

New Year’s card for 2007 2007

Two Non-Fiction Moments

2007 True found situations

How to Photograph a Design Poster


Insecurity Envelopes

Laser_cut envelopes 2006


(a type generator)

Type created by reaching Illustrator’s mathematical limitations 2006

I will ALWAYS believe in WORK

from PostBitScriptMapper


Abstract art created from spam images. 2006


remember when I was gonna create a bot?

Paulette (folded) Typeface

Typeface created by folding ribbon 2006

(Harmen Liemburg Lecture Poster)


Justifiably Me

not all ASCII is created equal 2006

(Business Card & Postcard)

2006 Inspired by Japanese spam

Live Free or Die

ribbon, fence, type 2006 well, that’s embarrassing


(a type generator)

Letterforms are generated from users’ font collections. 2006 & 2009

I Heart You

2005 before I found out this was basically an After Effects plugin

Fingerspelling Matchbooks

Matches in found matchbooks are bent to look like hands. 2005 American Sign Language +


(a type generator)

Type generator attempting to turn bitmap fonts into vector typefaces. 2005

Hero Shirt: Princess Peach

2005 collab with my mom

Volumetric Redundancies

Visualizing the structure and word usage in a given text. 2001


(Where We Went From)

Visualizing the interconnected nature of websites. 2001–2006

(Homepages I Have Known)

  • What’s Your Line of Work?
  • Socially Embedded
  • Work To Do
  • Not Aware, Not Content
Past website efforts

(Various scripting)

Mostly Illustrator scripting, etc.

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