The www.from application traverses and visualizes the interconnected nature of websites it visits. It is a methodical beast that parses the source code of web pages looking for links to other web pages, links within the page itself, email addresses, downloadable files, etc. It creates a star shape with the number of new links found determining the number of spines on the star. Pages that link nowhere new become circles. Email address show as plus-signs. Non-html files are squares.

By following the first new link it finds on a page, it is able to iterate through thousands of pages, drawing a continuous line as it winds its way around the web.

Written long ago in Macromedia Director, the final outputs are large-scale Illustrator files.

www.from.exploremn.com, 2001 (839 steps), 110″ × 73″, lambda print
www.from.exploremn.com (detail)
www.from.carleton.com, 2001 (1631 steps), 79″ × 48″, lambda print
www.from.carleton.com (detail)
www.from.macromedia.com, 2006 (2217 steps), 96″ × 110″, lambda print
www.from.macromedia.com (detail)

Process Shots