Getting Rid of Cranbrook


During the two years I spent at Cranbrook for graduate school, I let my hair grow out. With the completion of my graduate show project, I was finally able to cut it all off. It was a glorious day.

Before & After

Found in the Wild

For a while, the images were in the top Google Images search results for “before and after”. Turns out people use the Google Images as a means of swiping imagery for their designs and advertisements.

And no, I did not authorize the use of these images.

Poster found by a family friend at the St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota, I believe in the pysche ward.
An anonymous fan of my work alerted me to this Mexican banner ad. The most interesting part is that they photoshopped hair back onto the top of my head for the sake of the ad.
Email I got from coworkers alerting me to a questionable video using my face
The video was “Meth Users Before & After” which I had to get taken down
“Not too shabby” Before & Afters site where the meth video was produced
Found this using reverse image search