Slitscan Type Generator

Now available on github: Slitscan Type Scripts. Would love to see people's results!

In the first version of the Slitscan script, the bottoms of all the letterforms were aligned and the coloring of the slices gradated from the outside to the inside. In the current version of the script (above), the bottoms of the letterforms are not aligned, but use the font’s baseline position. This gives a better representation of the diversity of type designs. I have also randomized the coloring of the slices.

Slitscan v2 J

Thanks to (so far): Adam Miller, Alexander Wright, Ben Weinreich, Ben Ye, Benjamin Sauer, Chris Marshall, Daniel Escamilla, Edgar Fortuna Sprecher, Eric Robinson, Giampaolo Luparia, Igor Grassi, Joshua Troutman, Kalapi Gajjar, Karin ter Laak, Ksawery Kirklewski, Linda Konone, Mike Smith, Nicholas Whiteley, Paulo Lima, Raphael Leutenegger, Richard Bailey, Roberta Moraes, Scott Henry, Shannon M Losorelli, & Simon Hollington

I created an Illustrator script that types a letter (in this case, ‘J’ & ‘K’) using every font installed on a computer. It aligns all the letters and then cuts slices out of each letter based on width. The collections are the results of 18 computers that friends and I tried this on. They range from 97 to 6607 fonts.

Slitscan v1 K, 2006

Thanks to: Adam Michaels, Alexander Roberts, Alexey Petrov, Amanda Yu, Bil Chamberlin, Brooke Roche, Bruce Willen, Chris Williams, Christina Zehnder, Dave Glanz, Dave Knoph, David Davidopoulos, Eric Stimmel, Gabriel Medina, Gaston Nardi, Hope Ginsburg, Jason, Jason Tropp, Josh Guffey, Joshua Walton, Katie Cleaver, Keetra Dean Dixon, Kosta Stratigos, Kubra Kopruluoglu, Leon Bowers, Luke Stones, Matt Lavoie, Maureen Kelly, Melis Tahiroglu, Michael Schnepf, Mike Jakab, Nathanael Moody, Oliver Walthard, Olivier Mary, Quentin Cole, Rachel White, Randall, Robert Perino, Sam Harris, Terri Falvey, & Ulli Heydenreich