Beware the Scattersiri, i Phone!

Stout-Hearted Man process video, 2012

Experimenting with feeding Siri sound poetry performances, scat, and other sounds that aren't words. Through the translation process, Siri comes up with her own wonderful brand of nonsense poetry. The video is an initial translation of a song by the scat musician Shooby Taylor, aka The Human Horn. Below you will find sample pages from a recreation of Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate poem as well as the text from a couple other sound feeds. Follow the process on the twitter @siriouspoet

Sample pages from Ursonate translation, 2012

Ursonate (first few minutes), Kurt Schwitters; performed by Jaap Blonk

It's Lititz it will be all in

Did he beat do you beat the foods that are to be Baffins bye-bye Beta but did nothing spermatids fins that's it

Send them a detail but if it is there in a bikini still didn't

You too you love the baby can see you and you instantly

Back to beeping you don't CEU into dealings GoToMeeting see you in the audience Gonna effective baby

Correct me see fins but that's it when old city baby foods to get better backpedaling sympathetic Pattington pathetic Pattington pathetic pathetic but I think that being a butt

About them Stubbeman offense but but but but that book that wanted to Tippins but that's another was that you wanted to buttons with you but wanted to happens with that you're but what interventions with your buddy

What happened to Bedec Pattington pathetic Pattington pathetic betting to get that I couldn't expect to get to be the fuck

What about them Stubbeman Aftons them up by the buttons but but but but but it was a little bit but at the Ledebuhr before that that listens what is up of a political book of individual Babauta to put up into Mexico Department of Defense at your buddy

I got the pattern sympathetic Pattington pathetic Pattington pathetic but in the competitive in Québec going to get to be

Lift Every Voice and Sing, Shooby Taylor

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Call Doug and call mom is all hold on I'll call boondoggles all involved in building and it'll delete a tweet

AAA call call call call call call you all in the balls all call Shawn golf balls and I don't exhausted

Open to call Shamala call solve all sweetie call to go call at the moment baby medicine

Call Benjamin and donate to an automated out of bed the little thinking about me moving talking talking talking

Call Lalove a little baby president of baby baby baby's hall hall problem is that it only

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Telephone so call songs and another Benderal

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Little delayed moving in and then call holding you up and dropping you good looking strong

Stout-Hearted Man, Shooby Taylor

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Love you Linsly development in Honolulu Call Benjamin looking baby stuff up and let automated and Bobby Bobby Bobby Bobby C Robin Robin little we have been living in an Call me lovey-dovey lovey-dovey

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Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll; performed by some British guy

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