Songs About Rainbows

Rainbow Connection, 2008

Songs About Rainbows is an Apple OS X application that will color your files and folders using the Finder’s labels. It will ask you to locate a folder that you’d like to color the contents of. The app will relabel all the files, folders, subfolders, and subfiles within the chosen folder (see above image). So, if you use labels for organization, or you don’t want to go back and get rid of thousands of colored labels, be careful which folder you choose! I suggest your iTunes Music folder (though a large library will take some patience). This way your music collection will be exclusively composed of songs about rainbows.

Download Songs About Rainbows Application for OS X.

By downloading the software you acknowledge that I’m a very amateur programmer and you use at your own risk. If you’d rather review the project files and build the project yourself, you can download the Songs About Rainbows source files.

Over The Rainbow, 2008